Anne Marie Neatham in Bulgaria

Chief Operating Officer of Ocado Technology talks about company’s automated cars and the future with robots, and the basic coding skills, that everyone should have

At the end of May the Chief Operating Officer of Ocado Technology Anne Marie Neatham visited the company’s office in Sofia and made a presentation on Building the AI-Driven Firm. Journalists from leading media outlets had the chance to meet with her and discuss various topics.

See what Anne Marie said about:

  • how real-time analytics help Ocado Technology to reduce food waste to 0.2% comparing to 5-6% in other stores;
  • what are the perspectives on delivering goods by drones or Ocado’s automated cars;
  • will robots replace humans;
  • the need of basic coding knowledge that everyone should have in the future.

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There are 5 Ocado Technology’s R&D teams and one of them is in Bulgaria. In the office in Sofia work close to 100 highly qualified specialists with experience in the fields of robotics, machine learning and AI, simulation, data science and more.