DevReach’s Digital Marketing Success

DevReach digital marketing campaign combined Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and email marketing.

Using social media enabled us to reach developers (especially outside Bulgaria and CEE) who were not aware of the conference. As a result the number of the foreign attendees increased significantly. That approach also helped to engage people more deeply and make them feel that they are creating the content of the conference.


  • Provoking the interest and encouraging registrations;
  • Attracting international visitors;
  • Presenting the speakers in a more informal way;
  • Engaging the speakers to promote the event via their channels;
  • Utilizing networking via cooperation with user groups from Europe;
  • Attracting sponsors and balancing the budget.

Some results:

  • 1000+ attendees from 25 countries (2013);
  • More than 350 session submissions received;
  • More than 2 000 tweets during the 2 days;
  • 25+ blog posts.

Some activities:

  • Session by request – giving the audience themes to select from and the topic was chosen by voting in Facebook;
  • QoD – quote of the day Twitter contest where attendees shared their favorite/most curious quote for a chance to win attractive prizes;
  • Speakers Who is Who contest in Facebook;
  • Encouraging speakers to shoot a short video saying hi and inviting attendees to join. The videos were published in the dedicated YouTube channel. Take a look at Brian;
  • Prince’s video, Principal Cloud Evangelist at Microsoft Corp. at that time;
  • GeoReach of DevReach 2012 Quiz in Facebook;
  • The live graphic recording onsite, open spaces, live Twitter wall, etc. provoked great interest among attendees.