Tick42 Launches  Glue for Office at Bulgaria Web Summit 2017

Glue for Office provides real-time integration of web apps and Word, Excel, and Outlook

Bulgarian software company Tick42 officially launched a new tool for web developers called Glue for Office at the Bulgaria Web Summit 2017. The product seamlessly integrates web applications with Microsoft Office apps in real time and is currently available for download.

“Glue for Office enables your applications to easily use Word, Excel, and Outlook, meaning less development work and happier users. It allows web apps to store data on your servers, validate that data, audit it and control access to it whilst letting your users keep working in the Microsoft Office apps,” said Leslie Spiro, co-founder and CEO of Tick42, during his presentation at the Bulgaria Web Summit 2017.

At the event, Tick42 demoed how enterprise users can benefit from Glue for Office.

“Glue for Office is currently available for download on glue42.com as part of our developer evaluation program. We are very keen to hear any feedback or questions on the product,” commented Stoyan Damov, co-founder and CTO of Tick42.

Tick42’s product portfolio includes various solutions for real-time integration of desktop applications, web apps, and data, geared mainly towards enterprise web developers. Most of its clients are in the financial sector.

The company has recently become a Silver Member of Symphony Software Foundation – a nonprofit organization focused on developing innovative software solutions on the Symphony open-source platform in the area of financial services.

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