Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) reported its Q1’23 earnings, with nearly $2 billion of revenue for the quarter – a 15% increase compared to Q1’22. Overall demand for digital transformation fueled Equinix’s business as they enable customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities.

Equinix has 2 data centers in Bulgaria – SO1 and SO2. SO2 was opened in 2019 and is worth $19 million. It uses 100 percent green energy, a practice that Equinix’s original Sofia data center has leveraged since 2016.

The full press release can be found here.

Key highlights from the report and additional trends Equinix can elaborate on include:

  • Revenue: Quarterly revenues increased 15% over the same quarter last year to $2 billion
  • For the full year of 2023, total revenues are expected to range between a 13 – 14% increase over the previous year
  • Deals: Closed approximately 4,000 deals across more than 3,000 customers
  • Extended its leadership as the home of the interconnected cloud with five cloud on-ramp wins in Q1, bringing Equinix’s portfolio to 210 on-ramps across 46 markets. More than half of the metros in which Equinix operates now offer two or more on-ramps to the largest cloud players.
  • Sustainability: Its industry leadership of achieving 96% renewable energy coverage of its operational load for 2022, marking the fifth consecutive year with over 90% renewable energy coverage
  • Traffic Milestone: Announcing a new milestone of 30 TB/s of peak traffic across its global Internet Exchanges – the highest of any peering company in the industry.
  • Equivalent of streaming 10 million high-def Netflix shows simultaneously or hosting 25 million video calls at the same time
  • Global Platform Expansion: Encompasses 248 data centers across 71 metros in 32 countries with 50 major builds underway including a $50M investment in Montréal, backing five new solar farms in Spain, and building a new data center in Barcelona. Equinix continues to expand its Data Center Services portfolio with four openings in Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore and Sydney, and four newly approved projects in Frankfurt, Lagos, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro. The company has 10 xScale® projects underway that are expected to deliver more than 90 megawatts of capacity once opened.
  • Quantum Computing-as-a-Service (QCaaS): Making one of the most powerful quantum computers commercially available to businesses worldwide, enabling computing capabilities that are 158 million times faster than the best options today.
  • Generative AI: How Equinix enables businesses to navigate seismic shifts in technology from the cloud to 5G to now generative AI, all without building a $100 million cutting-edge data center to train an AI model of their own.

Despite economic swings, the cloud industry has proven to be resilient and stable because businesses continue spending on critical digital infrastructure: from powering global financial markets and supporting essential services to first responders and their digital presence.

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