The Bulgarian National Statistical Institute is Implementing a New Information System for Citizens and Business – Monitorstat

For the first time the citizens, business and executive authorities will be able to monitor the implementation of the strategic documents on a national, regional and European level.

This is made possible thanks to the new information system Monitorstat –, launched by the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute (NSI).

The system utilizes NSI’ research database, as well as other statistics sources. “Monitorstat is a reference point of how far we’ve come in various fields, what we wanted to achieve and what was actually achieved. The system deals only with numbers and through it we can make an objective bias-free assessment, based on which executive and local authorities can plan their next steps and policies”, explained Diana Yancheva, NSI Deputy President.


The platform facilitates civil society control over the implementation of strategic documents in areas such as healthcare, employment, demographic policy, regional development. It’s available in both Bulgarian and English and has two modules – for strategic documents, as well as for European programmes and projects. The second module will be integrated with an information system for management and monitoring of EU funds in Bulgaria – EUMIS 2020.

Monitorstat will facilitate the business and NGOs, applying for funding under European programmes, as well as public administration. The companies will save time and money, since the EUMIS integration eliminates the obligation of the applicants for the operational programs to submit requests to NSI and to receive certificates for the economic activity code (NACE) and certification of their annual reports. The public administration whose work is related to the European projects will be released from another paper document.

The system has been developed under the project “Building of statistical base and Information system for monitoring of European and national strategies and regional policy “. The funds spent amount to BGN 548 380.

Learn more about the project from NSI-s website– here.

Part of the media coverage after the press conference, organized by us on 18.12.2019 at NSI Sofia:

This document has been created with the financial support of Operational Programme “Good governance” (OPGG 2014 – 2020), co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund.