Tick42: The IT Sector Remains Stable Despite the Unprecedented Situation

The IT job market’s dynamics has been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the employees are not keen to switch jobs within the sector

“The IT sector in Bulgaria is going strong despite the crisis and we are happy that we are a part of it. The Bulgarian IT companies and Tick42 in particular will continue to be stable.” This is what Konstantin Boev, Digital Marketing Manager, Tick42, said in a TV interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. “Mostly because the company’s product is digital and our main clients are from sectors that are not badly hit by the COVID-19 crisis – the financial industry and the telecoms,” he added. Tick42 is a Bulgarian company, operating on the market for more than 10 years. At the moment the company employs about 100 people. Tick42 delivers financial technology solutions that help businesses digitalize and reduce expenses, while increasing productivity. “With over 25K licenses, our solutions are deployed at tier one financial institutions across the world,” added Boev. He revealed the company’s plans for this year hasn’t been changed even after the global pandemic.

Watch the whole interview here (content available in Bulgarian) and find out:

  • Will the company manage to grow it’s team by 20%?
  • What are the challenges are they facing regarding hiring in the middle of the crisis?
  • What are the trends in the job market?
  • How do they organize the remote working process for their employees?
  • How do their global clients with more than 25 000 employees respond to the coronavirus threat?

People in the company have adjusted without difficulties to the remote working. Tick42 trusted their judgement what will be needed so they can give their best at work under the new circumstances. “We have produced some guidelines to help the change, but our main response has been to learn from our staff about what works and share it within the company,” said Boev. “The situation now is unprecedented and affects us all – as humans, as professionals. But I’m certain that Tick42 will continue to be an employer of choice in Bulgaria,” he added.

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