Joint project with Hypoport Sofia: What have we done to position them as a preferred employer and what results have we achieved?

In 2021, Hypoport was recognized as an employer of choice in Germany for the third consecutive year. It was interesting for us to start activities in Bulgaria to promote the company, while highlighting on the excellent conditions provided to employees. The focus on the supportive and friendly atmosphere, modern technologies and the opportunity for development that Hypoport Sofia offers were just some of the highlights we emphasized in the process of positioning them as a preferred employer in our country.

And here’s a brief recap with some key publications and stories:

To find out how the company started in Bulgaria, check out this article (in Bulgarian), which includes a conversation with the co-founders – Nicholas Schulman and Boyan Trushev. You will learn more interesting stories about Hypoport Sofia, as well as about their difficulties and successes over the years.

If you have been wondering what it is like to work as Head of IT at FIO Systems, you can learn more here (in Bulgarian), directly from Boyan Trushev, Director of Information Technology at FIO Systems Bulgaria, part of Hypoport Sofia.

As early as in June we managed to secure an interview with Ekaterina Todorova, Tech Recruiter at Hypoport Sofia. She spoke about the company, its employees, as well as the benefits that are available to them.

In August, the company announced it was expanding its team in Sofia and investing in its own building, which will be ready soon. Hypoport Sofia has built a new office near Paradise Mall, which will welcome a growing team of professionals. You can learn more here.

Nicholas Schulman and Boyan Trushev, co-founders of the company in Bulgaria commented on how the IT labor market will change during the pandemic. They share their views on current challenges and future trends in the IT market.

Numerous interesting events are to be organized by Hypoport Sofia. The online event Scrum during a pandemic with Vladimir Takov recently took place. You can learn more from him on the topic here. Stay tuned!