BLD Relies on Mnemonica for the Support of its IT Resources

The company also uses the SOC cybersecurity center

BLD is a construction and investment company known for its iconic buildings, for which it has won numerous national and international awards. In the past over 15 years, it has created over 1,500 new homes. It is part of AG Capital – the largest real estate holding in Bulgaria with more than 25 years of experience.

The company recently entrusted the IT support of its resources to Mnemonica, a Bulgarian company with almost 15 years of history and a focus on cybersecurity. Desislava Nesheva, IT Manager, and Yordan Angelov, CFO at BLD, talk more about this.

Scope of the project

The scope of the project includes IT support of BLD resources – system administration, virtual servers, computers (over 40 with a tendency to increase), including equipment in conference rooms, mobile devices and others. The initial timeframe is for one year, but the plan is to continue the project in the long term.

“There are two reasons to start this project: the first is that we would like to develop and build on the expertise of our colleagues who have been doing this for many years. In addition, we have a long-term relationship with Mnemonica and believe in their expertise, proven over time in the process of working together. We decided to trust them, they have been supporting our servers for over 10 years. In short – in the beginning the main support was for virtual servers, now the end-user support has been outsourced to them”, said Yordan Angelov, CFO at BLD.

The need to implement the solution

BLD says that thanks to the outsourcing of IT support, their team has had the opportunity to focus on their core business, while at the same time they are confident that all devices work optimally and are reliably protected. A great convenience is that they are not dependent on one person and can rely on a whole team of people to react at any time (24×7).

Another advantage is that the services are constantly monitored. A ticketing system has been introduced and will be upgraded in the future. The contact is mainly online through it. Every computer has an embedded agent and can respond in a timely manner and in a very short time. “In this way, there is no need for a physical presence in the office, and the reaction time is shortened. This is very convenient, especially now that the work environment is hybrid and much more dynamic. The feedback from the colleagues is very positive, the tickets are processed very quickly – there is no unresolved problem within ½ – 1 hour “, says the IT Manager of BLD Desislava Nesheva.

Factors for choosing Mnemonica as a partner

“We have been working with the Mnemonica’s team for more than 10 years. They are a very reliable and trusted partner, react quickly and adequately at all times (and outside working hours). We need to have a partner who can respond in a timely manner. We can rely on the entire Mnemonica team and at all levels, not on a single account manager. We are confident that whatever the problem, it can be escalated and a solution can be found quickly. Our partnership brings high added value “, says Yordan Angelov.

“N-Able as a product was recommended to us by Mnemonica as the most suitable solution for remote maintenance and remote service. We trusted them completely and everything works successfully – both as a technology and as a process of working together. You can see the hardware specifications, the implemented software and as we have already mentioned, they can service any laptop and desktop computer remotely “, adds Desislava Nesheva.

Mnemonica adds that if necessary, they can update the operating system, and updates are approved remotely. If a computer restart is required, then the time is scheduled. Restarting “immediately” is also allowed, and the user is warned to save the current documents. In the same way, they can prohibit “bad” updates if it is found that an update disrupts the system.

N-Able allows a number of checks to be performed on the current state of the software/hardware, such as whether the antivirus program has been updated with the latest definitions, the level of resources used – such as RAM, disk space, etc.

Project implementation and development potential

Once the decision has been made, the implementation of the project itself is very fast – only about a week or two. The agents are installed, the ticketing system is launched and training of BLD colleagues follows. At the moment the feedback is very good and the established processes work without problems. This is one of the main factors to consider expanding the project.

Desislava Nesheva clarifies that a plan has already been created to upgrade many new services in BLD. The main goal is to implement a complete IT system and optimize the activities and the main work of the BLD team. It is planned to move to Azure, OneDrive, implementation of an active directory with user rights management. The project will be upgraded, with the main focus on Teams and the ability for several people to work on the same document in real time.

Yordan Angelov says that they start with the maintenance of the workstations, and their goal is to use the expertise of Mnemonica to introduce new products and build more opportunities for collaboration tools and teamwork within the company. It is also planned to transfer local servers to the cloud environment. “Building a file server that is not local, but in the cloud and allows you to work with documents from anywhere is an important goal for us that we want to achieve in 3-6 months,” he said.

Focus on cybersecurity

It is important for BLD to be a company that makes the most of the capabilities of information systems, optimizes and automates its activities, while data and devices are reliably protected. The BLD team also relies on Mnemonica to monitor the network in terms of cybersecurity and security. They have been using the SOC cybersecurity solution for more than a year. Servers are monitored in order to prevent unwanted interference and attacks against them as early as possible, and timely actions are taken.

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