CLICO Bulgaria was awarded as the best F5 distributor in Southeast Europe for 2020

CLICO Bulgaria received the award during the annual meeting of F5 distributors, which took place on October 8.

“We have chosen Clico Bulgaria as the best F5 distributor in the SEE region from the several reasons. Despite the fact that it was a record year for Clico Bulgaria in terms of F5 revenue, there are obviously always F5 distributors from the bigger European countries ahead in this metric, so the pure Revenue was not an ultimate scale factor. Where CLICO Bulgaria “crashed” the metrics was a “Quality not a Quantity” – They have delivered outstanding results in terms of F5 Product Mix sale incl. first F5 Enterprise License Agreement sale in the EE region, they helped us to develop several new customers from the different verticals, they have excellent F5 Technical Competences and overall cooperation and communication not only in sales, but also technical side, marketing and back office was just great. I would like to thank the whole Clico Bulgaria team for the cooperation and support in F5 FY20 and looking forward for challenging but hopefully also successful FY21.” – shared Jakub Sumpich, F5’s Regional Manager for Southeast Europe

F5 is a global company with over 20 years of experience specializing in solutions to improve application availability, performance, and security. The company operates in 76 locations in 43 countries, including 48 Fortune 50 companies, the top ten leading telecom operators worldwide and 15 leading commercial banks in the United States. F5 solutions help organizations create a flexible IT infrastructure to suit their business needs. F5’s portfolio includes solutions for load balancing, traffic management and visibility, DNS services, web and mobile application protection, managing user access to corporate data and resources, and protection against various threats, including DDoS attacks. Their solutions are applicable in multi-cloud, hybrid or physical infrastructure, and are delivered in the form of hardware, software or service. CLICO has been an authorized distributor of F5 for 6 years.

“We gladly accepted this award. For us, it is another proof of the exclusive cooperation with F5 in Bulgaria. Their solutions are successfully applied among leading banking institutions, telecoms, electricity distribution companies, the state administration, and many private companies in the country. Thank you for your trust. We will be happy to further develop our joint activities in the future.”  – said Alexander Stamenov, Regional Manager at CLICO Bulgaria.

About CLICO Bulgaria

CLICO Bulgaria is a specialized distributor for solutions in the field of security and networking, management, and technical support. It is part of the Polish company CLICO with market positions in Poland and Eastern Europe. The company successfully introduces and promotes unique professional solutions, which subsequently confirm leading positions in its segments. CLICO has been actively present on the Bulgarian market since 1996. On April 28, 2016, the company “CLICO Bulgaria” EOOD was registered. The Bulgarian office of CLICO ranks at the top of the Top 50 IT companies with the highest growth for 2018, as well as in the rankings for distributors and most efficient companies, part of the “TOP 100 technology companies in Bulgaria” of ICT Media.

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