More than 12,000 People Are Studying for Free in Bulgaria by Global Initiative from Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub

Bulgaria is at the forefront in terms of the number of active users in the region

Software developers learning path from the free initiative of Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub remain the most engaging in Bulgaria, latest data shows.  Apart from software developers, learners in Bulgaria want to be skilled in sales and project management. More than 12,000 people have decided to develop a qualification or to upskill in all taught disciplines. After that they can get a certification to validate their skills. A Global Knowledge study shows that 93% of employers believe certified employees add more value. In July Microsoft, LinkedIn and GitHub launched a global campaign aimed at bringing more digital skills in the new economy to 25 million people worldwide.

The learning paths are mapped to jobs that are in-demand.

1. Software developer
This learning path gives learners perspectives on the core technologies for web development, software development and databases such as CSS and HTML.
Become a Software Developer

2. Sales representative
Help learners develop their soft skills to become a trusted partner in the sales process.
Become a Sales Representative

3. Project manager
From small, simple projects to enterprise-wide activities, this learning path will give you the confidence to manage projects effectively.
Become a Project Manager

4. IT Administrator
Helps your preparation for certification, this learning path teaches essential networking concepts.
Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification

5. Customer Service Specialist
As customer service roles move to digital, learn how to create more personalized customer experiences.
Become a Customer Service Specialist

6. Digital Marketing Specialis
Become a digital marketing specialist with this hands-on training to understand and use digital marketing effectively.
Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

7. IT Support / Help Desk
Help your IT team support a transition to new flexible ways of working with virtualization, desktop imaging, and maintaining software and devices.
Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification

8. Data Analyst
Develop better business strategies with the skills to examine information using data analysis tools.
Become a Data Analyst

9. Financial Analyst
Be sure you are making the right financial decisions with the skills to evaluate current and historical economic and business data.
Become a Financial Analyst

10. Graphic Designer
Helps you to create innovative digital design projects and upgrade your visual and communication skills.
Become a Graphic Designer

Learners choose their own pace of studying. Among the lecturers are prominent experts in their areas. The training has the purpose to gives access to a knowledge that, in addition to being relevant and applicable, can be useful when applying for a job interview or in a real work environment.

Learners can personalize their experience and if they are already familiar with a certain part of the course  can skip a content and focus on what they are interested in / need. They can can use bookmarks to easily find and return to content.

For those who want to acquire more in-depth technical skills, there are Microsoft Learn courses, which help those who wish to get skilled up on cloud. Modules are tailored for a variety of jobs roles, from business user to IT Administrator and developer. In FY20, 350,000 professionals successfully completed the modules. What is learned can be practiced in the GitHub Learning Lab.

“We at Microsoft has been on a journey from a ‘know-it-all’ to a ‘learn-it-all’ culture; and we always look to use our own experiences to help customers address their challenges. Our top priority is setting up everyone with the skills and tools they need and to succeed in an increasingly digitalized job market. Among 23 countries from the region after the launch of the initiative we have reached up to 125 768 people and counting, said Kalin Dimtchev, Country Manager of Microsoft Bulgaria, and Country Manager Lead for the CEE Multi-Country region.

Once the necessary knowledge is acquired, the learners can use the LinkedIn resources that can help them find the desired job. Take advantage of the global initiative and take time to find the skills you need in the economy of the future at

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