Cybersecurity solution as a service available to everyone

Services and finance companies are already benefiting from Mnemonica’s security operations center (SOC)

The reaction time is of key importance in a cyber incident, and in SOC Mnemonica it’s reduced to 30 minutes. The costs of information security and incident prevention of any organization can be reduced by 50% if SOC is used as a service. This is shown by data from Mnemonica, a company with proven expertise in cybersecurity and digital security. SOC Mnemonica Security Operations Center is a specialized unit for timely detection and neutralization of cyber threats, which performs information breach prevention, analyzes, and investigates incidents and monitors user behavior. The service is available as a subscription, which saves the commitment and complexity of building your own SOC in organizations, allowing rapid deployment without the involvement of internal resources. Since the start of the service, more than 11 incidents have been prevented by the company’s specialists.

“Collecting and analyzing information of different types and content on possible threats is carried out by experienced cybersecurity analysts and with the most modern solutions for security monitoring and response management. As a result of the use of state-of-the-art technology, people’s productivity can be increased more than 10 times. The reduction of events that can be misinterpreted (false positive) is up to 90%,” said Vihren Slavchev, CEO of Mnemonica.

Using SOC Mnemonica can be helpful to all users, regardless of the size of the organization or sector. Services and finance companies have already trusted a security operations center. Among them is the Debt Collection Agency EAD. Currently in the agency over 400 employees in all offices of the organization benefit from reliability, flexibility, and seamless administration of digital access.

“Since mid-2020, we have been using a security operations center, and the solution has given us a good basis for prevention, analysis and traceability. We reduced the response time to potential cyber incidents to minutes. The solution offers aggregation of all records and reporting of important events – to assess whether what is happening is part of a systematic attempts to break through from the outside,” said Stoyan Angelov, Head of Information and Communication Technologies in the Debt Collection Agency

ADDRESS Real Estate has chosen SOC Mnemonica because the solution is tailored to their needs and covers the key systems for the company.

“SOC Mnemonica offers the amenities of a new generation of firewalls. The service is based on machine rules and procedures that guarantee fast action, and we also have human analysts at our disposal. The use of a security operations center as a service is very scalable and allows to plan in the future the coverage of the workstations of the employees in all offices of the companies of the Group, regardless of where they work – whether at home or at the office,” said Yordan Angelov, Financial Director of AG Capital.

With the combination of systems and specialists, the security of remote-working people can be achieved to the maximum extent. The Mnemonica team provides protection to over 1000 people in the respective client organizations that use SOC Mnemonica.

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