DHL ESS: Big Challenges and Even Bigger Results

The Campaign was Recognized by The Bulgarian Association for People Management’s Annual Awards, Winning the First Place for Best HR Project

In 2019 we took up the challenge to help DHL Enterprise Software Solutions (DHL ESS) build their employer brand in one of the currently most competitive markets – in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why do we consider this a challenge? Although DHL ESS has been operating in the country for the past 2 years and DHL is among the 10 most popular brands in the world, DHL is not the first word that comes to most people’s minds when we speak about employers in the IT sector. In addition, currently an ever-growing number of companies is competing for a limited number of professionals in Sofia.


As a result of our efforts, together with DHL ESS we achieved a 42% increase in the number of applications, 4,965 visits to the career landing page just for a two-week timeframe, and an extensive media coverage. Learn more about the details below.

So, how did we proceed with this compelling project?

Stage I

Get to know the company and the team, determine the Employer Value Proposition and build a strategy and a plan

We wanted to get a 360° perspective and gather different points of view, based on which we can prepare a tailor-made plan and strategy that would suit our client.

This is what we did:

All the information we gathered was then summarized into a comprehensive strategy, including a set of goals, key messages and content strategy, as well as an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) based on which we also prepared an activity plan.

Stage II


Now that we knew everything DHL ESS has to offer, their ideal candidate profile, job openings, and have determined relevant information channels, it was time to start spreading the news about DHL ESS! 😊

We focused our efforts in several directions: BTL, brand ambassadors and thought leaders positioning, PR distribution and participating in business awards.

This included a one-week-long BTL campaign in Green Deli Cafe. The customers would get a free morning coffee at 4 Green Deli locations near some of the leading business centers in the city. All they had to do was give a correct answer to the question how many job openings does DHL ESS have at the moment. Meanwhile at metro stations and metro underpasses (overall 3 locations) with some of the heaviest footfalls in Sofia we positioned banner ads further boosting awareness about the company and its open positions.

BTL/outdoor campaign results:

4,965 landing page visits /two-week timeframe/

42% increase in the number of applications received

Another important aspect was to promote DHL ESS as a place to be for talented, creative and goal-oriented people. We consider there is no better way to put this message across than to create opportunities for the DHL ESS team members to speаk for themselves and give insights into the company and the accomplished people working there. As an example, we organized the shooting of the company’s video profile, which showcased the DHL ESS office, team and atmosphere. We’ve also set up interviews providing insights into the daily work of specific team members or into their interests and hobbies outside of the company.

DHL ESS was not only growing within Bulgaria but was about to head a team of developers in Prague. We made sure the news was covered by the leading tech media in the country, as well as international media outlets. We gave the coverage a further boost by utilizing our owned media, as well.

We were also active in helping and initiating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

We though it fair that all the hard work and efforts of the DHL ESS team should be recognized and celebrated by as many people as possible. So, we prepared submissions for Forbes Business Awards, BAIT Awards, BAPM Awards (2 categories), CIO IT Manager of the Year and Global Tech Summit (2 categories). The team has already won in both Innovative Product of the Year and Marketing Campaign of the Year categories during the Global Tech Summit. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for many more awards!