Microsoft Bulgaria in “Business Meeting” on Bloomberg TV

Kalin Dimtchev, Country Manager of Microsoft Bulgaria, and Country Manager Lead in Microsoft for the CEE Multi-Country region, was a guest in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s program “Business Meeting”.

He discussed with the presenter Tanya Krusteva the advantages of working in big international companies. According to him what makes companies in the tech sector interesting is that they are constantly evolving dynamic workplaces. There “you’ll be able to see not only internal innovations, but also be a part of something that impacts the whole business, all industries, no matter the size, location or activity”.

He said that in recent years Microsoft Bulgaria has been actively growing in the way the global company Microsoft does – mainly based on the need and awareness that technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud services and big data processing are increasingly becoming part of the business needs. Companies that work with data invest in them.

Kalin Dimtchev also explained: “The role of artificial intelligence is not something that we expect for the future, but we already see in the way we work. In many areas, for example in our products for communication and collaboration, AI constantly adds features that help finding new information and structure specific type of data”. He continued with an example from the everyday life – “when I make my schedule in the computer, the calendar analyses what kind of meeting will I have, whether it will be an interview, or a flight, or some kind of internal meeting, and it suggests the best time and place  – for example available free rooms in the office. If traveling to an airport would take some time, the program automatically shows via artificial intelligence you have to do the necessary time planning”.

Watch the whole conversation with Kalin Dimtchev in Bloomberg TV’s video here.