Every device using 5G will be useful for the user but also a powerful weapon for the hackers.

The 5G network is currently a hot topic. Public opinion about the need for that kind of connectivity and their level of safety is changing rapidly, starting from unproven theories about their harm to human health and ending with one of the real causes for concern – the danger of cyberattacks.

Economic.bg meets with Magda Jianu, Channel Business Manager for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia at Palo Alto Networks. She will be a speaking at the Sofia CyberSec2020 cybersecurity conference on September 30th , organized by the Digital National Coalition and CLICO Bulgaria, together with NATO institutional support. Ms. Jianu talks more about the threats that would arise after the transition to 5G connectivity, as well as the reasons why they may be possible. She also talks about the opportunities that 5G opens up to us, such as how fifth-generation telecommunications networks will connect each person, machine and device to each other through a powerful network. Read more here.