Hypoport Sofia Signals Further Growth in Bulgaria with Two Additional Companies Hiring Local Talents

The Company Plans to Steadily Grow its Teams to 100 People by the End of 2024

Hypoport Sofia has revealed further expansion of its operations in Bulgaria. After recently moving into a brand-new office in an own building, it has now announced that two new companies out of the Hypoport group have started to set up product teams in Bulgaria – Hypoport B.V. and Europace.

Hypoport B.V. provides software helping banks with the analysis and reporting of securitized or collateralized loan portfolios and complies with the requirements of auditors and regulators. It is currently looking for .NET and JavaScript developers to join their local team. Meanwhile Java developers are needed for Europace, which operates Germany’s largest B2B marketplace, offering mortgages, building finance products and personal loans. Additionally, Hypoport Sofia teams will be looking for front-end developers, QA’s and Scrum Masters.

This follows the example of fundingport, another Hypoport company, that has already successfully onboarded its first remote team members in Bulgaria and FIO Systems, present in Bulgaria since 2002, that already has about 50 product team members in Sofia.

Stating that additional Hypoport companies are interested in having remote product teams in Bulgaria, Hypoport Sofia recently hosted an Opening Event for the Bulgarian location with more than 10 Hypoport companies participating.

Meanwhile Hypoport Sofia has also joined BASSCOM – the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies, a further step in contributing to the growing local IT ecosystem.

“With two more Hypoport companies setting up remote product development teams between Germany/Netherlands and Bulgaria, we underline the importance and the impact our location will have in the future. Now it is time to focus on onboarding new talents and make the setup of remote development work smoothly according to our company’s purpose”, said Danny Hanke, Managing Director, Hypoport Sofia.

“Hypoport already has 7 product teams working in Bulgaria and overall, around 60 employees. We plan to continue investing in local Bulgarian talent and will be looking for a healthy growth in the next years, planning to reach a team of around 100 professionals by the end of 2024.

Currently there are about 15 open intermediate and senior positions for developers, QAs and Scrum Masters. We are also looking for junior developers that can advance their skills and grow as professionals as Hypoport grows in the country”, Janis Schäfer, Managing Director at Hypoport Sofia, has added.

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