James Matthews in Bulgaria

What’s it like to rise from an intern to CEO and what are Ocado Technology’s plans for the future

At the end of October James Matthews, CEO at Ocado Technology, visited the company’s Sofia office.

Media representatives had the chance to meet with him and discuss various topics. See what James said about:

James Matthews, CEO at Ocado Technology

  • his remarkable career from an intern to CEO;
  • the opening of the office in Bulgaria and the prospects for the local team, responsible for developing the software that manages the robots in Ocado’s warehouses;

  • the Ocado platform and its “smart” warehouse;
  • the future in the sector including vertical farms and machine vision.

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At the end of 2018 Ocado Technology opened its development center in Sofia. Over 100 developers are already working there. They are developing products in the fields of robotics, machine learning and AI, simulation, data science, and more.