Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Was Launched in Bulgaria

Audience - InspirIT, June 10thSQL Server Launch 2016 Discovery Day took place in Sofia on 10 June. The event was organized by PASS, the global community for SQL Server professionals, together with Inspirit, the first and currently the only company at the Bulgarian IT Market focused on SQL Server Platform.

Group Competition - InspirIT, June 10thMore than 90 Bulgarian experts from the financial, telecom and manufacturing sectors attended the event. Participants were divided into groups and worked on practical assignment. One of the groups received free registration for the one-day course “Get ready”. The other group received vouchers for free Microsoft certification tests.

Magi Naumova - InspirIT, June 10th“The new Microsoft SQL Server was created with the main goal to provide the companies with stability and security of their business-critical applications. So it is no surprise that organizations in Bulgaria plan to migrate soon”, said Magi Naumova, founder of Inspirit and one of 80 experts worldwide, having the certificate Microsoft SQL Server MCM (Microsoft Certified Master).