What distinguishes а preferred employer today?

We recently published on dnevnik.bg a joint article with our colleagues from Hypoport Sofia. There, together with Natalia Dimitrova, they shared more about the company, our joint work in the field of Employer Branding and PR, as well as the challenges they faced.

You can learn more in this post:

Hypoport Sofia announced that they are opening their own office and expanding their team. We have been working with them for about half a year in the field of PR & Employer Branding and we are glad to have this opportunity. Their decision to expand their team and invest in their own building made a strong impression and we are pleased to help them reach out to more people.

„What motivates us when working with Hypoport Sofia and all our clients is their trust in our experience and expertise in the field of PR and building an employer brand. Their decision to invest in building their own office and expanding the team is among the positive news we all need, and I’m glad we’re helping more people learn about them”, said Natalia Dimitrova, Founder and CEO of Acta Verba.

“At the beginning of our joint work, we reviewed and analyzed the results of various internal research. We also organized a meeting with representatives of the team of Hypoport Sofia to find out first handedly what are the reasons that keep them in the company and motivate them in their daily work. These conversations, in which people were very open and honest, showed us the culture of the company.

We have created an Employer Branding strategy, defined our target audiences, the main channels through which to reach them, established key messages and developed a detailed plan of our activities. We are pleased to have success in the implementation of the plan and progress towards achieving the pre-set goals.

We take a pragmatic approach – we take small steps, measure their impact (e.g. website visits, increase in the number of applications, increase engagement and followers on social media) and decide whether to change or continue with pre-planned activities”, she added.

See what Danny Hanke, Managing Director of Hypoport Sofia, said:

“With Acta Verba we connected very fast in our first meeting. They were not only very friendly and warm, but also very professionalism in what they do. Our vision and goals of how to develop a brand here in Bulgaria matched immediately. Natalia’s experience and the list of companies Acta Verba worked with made the decision at the end very easy for us. We have been working together for a little bit over 6 months now and it has been a very productive collaboration. Our discussions are always open and we appreciate that Natalia and her team always provide honest feedback about our next steps, which is very important for us.”

Read the full interview (in Bulgarian) here.

See the text in English on the BBBA website.

If you want to explore options to work together in the field of PR and Employer Branding, do not hesitate to email us at team@acta-verba.com.