Software, Developed in Bulgaria, Helps Global Leaders in the Restaurant and Hotel Management Industry Getting Back to Business

In less than a month, Fourth managed to develop an application that assists the industry in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic

In the increasingly digital times that circumstances and progress are creating, technology companies are the catalyst for change that will allow development and successfully adapt our daily lives to the new “normal”. Among them is Fourth, a provider of cloud solutions in the hotel and restaurant industry. We recently had the opportunity to share how the team creates an application that helps customers provide safer working conditions while facilitating communication between managers and staff. Here is a summary of some of the information that was sent to the media, as well as some of the coverage.

The hospitality industry is one of the most strongly affected by the pandemic and needs technological solutions, which ensure occupational safety and effectively support sector recovery. Health Survey App was developed in less than a month and allows employees to check their health status before they leave their homes and feel secure to go back to work, as well as feel secure for their colleagues. At the moment, approximately 500,000 people trust the application, which is also used internally at the company office in Sofia.

The solutions available from Fourth in the hotel and restaurant management industry are based on the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model. They include planning, worktime and attendance management, applicant tracking and training, inventory supply, human resources, bonuses and payroll management. At the moment, this software is used in more than 120,000 locations around the world, including by chains such as Hilton, Starbucks, Pizza Express, the Restaurant Group and Greene King.

The digital transformation of the industry makes the solutions available from Fourth all the more necessary. In 2020 alone, the company gained the trust of 90 new clients and forecasts for 2021 point to an increase in new business of approximately USD 34 mln.

This on the other hand will have a significant impact in Bulgaria, having created a number of opportunities for the development of the professionals already recruited and those which Fourth plans to hire in our country in the future.

‘In 2021, in addition to expanding our team, we will also focus on additional improvements of our product. The strategic solutions for the product are defined at a global level and their execution and the integration of the new functionalities are handled locally. Alongside adaptivity and development, our focus on clients is one of the fundamental principles of our corporate culture. We therefore consider it very important that our work contributes for the effectiveness and speed with which more than 2 million people worldwide are able to perform their tasks’, shares Georgi Hristov, Head of the Software Development Division at the Fourth technological hub in Bulgaria.

Fourth has proudly operated in Bulgaria since 2015 and currently has an office in Sofia with more than 100 professionals, making it the largest Tech hub of the company.

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