The Bulgarian National Statistical Institute Goes Online

The National Statistical Institute and Acta Verba organized a press conference to announce the start of a project for automation of online requests for statistical information. The event took place on July 30 at the NSI Press Club and provoked great interest among media (take a look at some of the media coverage below). Read more

5 steps to organize an event – our approach to event management

In this post we’ve tried to visualize our approach to events following simple steps that will ensure proper planning and hopefully a smooth event management.

Of course unexpected situations always arise, but make sure to have a back-up plan in place, at least for the most crucial items.

What challenges have you had to overcome when planning and making events happen? Read more

DevReach’s Digital Marketing Success

DevReach’s Digital Marketing Success DevReach digital marketing campaign combined Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and email marketing. Using social media enabled us to reach developers (especially outside Bulgaria and CEE) who were not aware of the conference. As a result the number of the foreign attendees increased significantly. That approach also helped to engage people more […]

We Organised DevReach 2012 & 2013

We Organised DevReach 2012 & 2013 DevReach 2012 and DevReach 2013 international conference organization and management: end-to-end outsourced project management.

Acta Verba Provided Event Management and PR Services for Various HP Projects

Acta Verba Provided Event Management and PR Services for Various HP Projects The topics varied from automated testing, security, compliance through service management and automation to executive media outreach. Approach: We wanted to engage not only current customers and partners, but also the media and the QA experts nationwide. So in 2013 we launched, in cooperation […]